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Ic zigbee cc2530

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آی سی فرستنده zigbee مدل cc2530

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CC2530 SoC Features

  • RF/Layout 
    2.4-GHz IEEE 802.15.4 Compliant RF Transceiver
    Excellent Receiver Sensitivity and Robustness to Interference
    Programmable Output Power Up to 4.5 dBm
    Very Few External Components
    Only a Single Crystal Needed for Mesh Network Systems
    6-mm × 6-mm QFN40 Package
    Suitable for Systems Targeting Compliance With Worldwide Radio-Frequency Regulations: ETSI EN 300 328 and EN 300 440 (Europe), FCC CFR47 Part 15 (US) and ARIB STD-T-66 (Japan)
  • Low Power
    Active-Mode RX (CPU Idle): 24 mA
    Active Mode TX at 1 dBm (CPU Idle): 29 mA
    Power Mode 1 (4 µs Wake-Up): 0.2 mA
    Power Mode 2 (Sleep Timer Running): 1 µA
    Power Mode 3 (External Interrupts): 0.4 µA
    Wide Supply-Voltage Range (2 V-3.6 V)
  • MCU 
    High-Performance and Low-Power 8051 Microcontroller Core With Code Prefetch
    32-, 64-, 128-, or 256-KB In-System-Programmable Flash
    8-KB RAM With Retention in All Power Modes
    Hardware Debug Support

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Ic zigbee cc2530

Ic zigbee cc2530

آی سی فرستنده zigbee مدل cc2530

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